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Q: What does PAR stand for par inventory?
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In Scribblenauts what does par stand for if it means something what does it mean?

Par is a term used in golf (and in Scribblenauts, too) where Par is the number of objects required to get an average score. If the par is 7 objects, and you draw 7 objects, you will have reached par.

Is a par 1 below par?

No, par is par.

Which is correct on a par with or on par with?

on a par with

What does the E stand for on a golf club?

It means your par

In a pharmacy what does par stand for?

limited amount of pills.

When was Par Par Lay born?

Par Par Lay was born in 1946, in Burma.

What is the definition of par stock?

The basic meaning of par stock is the amount of stock a business or individual should keep on hand at all times. If your stock amount falls below this par, you should purchase more to keep it at that number.

What par is harder a par 3 or par 4?

Its harder to get a hole in one on a par 3. Its common to be chipping from around the green or even putting on your 2nd shot on a par 4.

What is par 7 in golf?

The highest par in golf is 5. A seven is a double bogey on a par 5 and a triple bogey on a par four and a quadruple bogey on a par 3.

What does PAR mean when it refers to maintaining a certain level of products or drugs For example the PAR level for Tylenol is 10 boxes?

Par Level is the order pointThe 2nd definition of PAR from the Random House College Dictionary circa 1982 is the 'average or normal' amount. When considering maintaining a certail level of stock, the 'par level' is the amount you would need to have on hand to ensure that you would not run out while waiting for resupply. The 'par level' would also be the 'order point'. PAR Level is generally associated with a computer assisted ordering of some sort and stands for Periodic Automatic Replenishment.

What does SPAR stand for?

S(emper) par(ātus) "Always ready"

What does PBS and par stand for?

PBS: Planed Both Sides PAR: Planed All Round Both these terms are used to describe Ready-machined wood.