What does - R mean in ping?

Updated: 12/2/2022
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Q: What does - R mean in ping?
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When you BBM what does a PING mean?

when you bbming someone and you ping theit doesnt mean anything. Idt just means that the get this big loud ping and when the read it it says ping.

What has the author Nancy R Ping-Robbins written?

Nancy R. Ping-Robbins has written: 'The piano trio in the twentieth century' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Piano trios

What do you mean by ping in Blogger?

Read the importance of ping and meaning of pinging the link below

How does some one ping?

Press win + r (or Start->Run) type there cmd press enter. After that in the cmd window type ping ip_address (where ip_address is an ip address of computer which you want to ping or you can put the computer name if you know it), for instance, ping, or ping

What does the ping mean in Warcraft 3?

1. Ping is a location of a marked area that has a "ping" sound on the map. 2. Ping is a common term online for latency (or how good your connection is).

What the heck does the word ping mean?

I believe the word ping is something like lag on games. The more ping you have, the worse the lag gets.

How do you know if you connect the network?

Try to ping computers around you:Win + R->cmd->ping 192.168.*.* (where asterisk should be replaces with particular address).

Who is Peter R Drucker?

Peter R Drucker is closely related to Micheal Jackson. He is a proffesional ping pong player.

Is Higher Ping better than lower Ping?

Your ping is the time it takes to receive an "answer" to a packet of data that your internet connection sends. 100ms would mean it takes 0.1s to send and receive a packet of data. 10000ms would mean it takes 10 seconds. Therefore, low ping is better

Why was Martin Luther King Jr. . a politician?

because he likes R@ping woman

Is there internet connection to a remote host if you can ping its gateway?

If you have ping to the gateway in doesn't mean that a remote host has connection.

What does the size 0 mean on a Ping iron?