What did the Dutch invent?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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1 Inventions

1.1 The microscope

1.2 The telescope

1.3 The pendulum clock

1.4 The electrocardiograph

1.5 The Phase contrast microscope

1.6 The Compact Disc

1.7 sawmill Upgrade

1.8 The road-rule enforcement camera

1.9 The Leyden jar

1.10 The pyrometer

1.11 The submarine

1.12 The artificial kidney

2 Discoveries

2.1 Bacteria

2.2 spermatozoa

2.3 Infusoria

2.4 The respiration and photosynthesis of the plant

2.5 The Rings of Saturn

2.6 Australia

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Q: What did the Dutch invent?
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Did the Dutch invent Double Dutch you now the game with two ropes and 3 or more people?

No, Double Dutch wasn't invented by the Dutch; the Dutch introduced the game in the Americas.

Why did the Dutch invent bowling?

The Dutch didn't invent bowling; evidence of the game has been found in Egyptian tombs dating back 5,000 years. However, the Dutch, like the Germans and the English, obviously enjoyed the game enough to standardize it somewhat and begin to codify its rules.

Did the Germans invent Santa Claus?

The Dutch Sinter Klaas, became the North American Santa Claus.

Who invent paint?

There is no specific person who established paint. However, paint became popular in the 17th century due to the Dutch making it popular.

Did the Dutch began the African slave trade in Europe?

they bagan it in Europe but they didn't invent slavery, this concept existed in far more ancient civilizations

Did Thomas Edison invent the microscope?

No, Thomas Edison did not invent the microscope. The microscope was actually invented by Dutch spectacle maker Zacharias Janssen and his father Hans in the late 16th century. Edison is best known for his inventions in the field of electricity and communication, such as the phonograph and the incandescent light bulb.

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Who was the first man who had discovered the telescope?

The first telescope was invented (not "discovered") by Dutch spectacle-makers in the Netherlands, we believe, in around 1607. No, Galileo did not invent the telescope, but built his own after reading about one and substantially improved the design.

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