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Q: What did Jessie Owens do to help his community?
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Who was the first black olympian?

Jessie Owens

How old was Jessie Owens when he started running?


Who is the black man that ran the marathon?

jessie owens

Is Jessie Owens still alive?

no he is not syill alive

When was Owens Community College created?

Owens Community College was created in 1965.

What are Sarah goode's parents name?

jessie and mary owens

What is the motto of Owens Community College?

Owens Community College's motto is 'We believe in serving our students and our communities'.

One of the truly great olympic champions was Jessie who?

Jesse Owens

Was Jessie Owens the first African American to go to the Olympics?

no, george poage was

What junior high school did Jessie Owens go to?

It's Jesse Owens, first of all. He joined Fairmount Junior High School.

Who was Ralph Metcalfe?

who came in second place behind Jessie Owens in the 1939 Olympics

Was Jessie Owens the first athlete to win 4 gold medals in a single Olympic game in track and field?

No, Alvin Kraenzlein did that before Owens did.