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Q: What date was Flamme rouge first used?
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Is rouge a color?

Rouge is a shade of red, often used to describe a reddish color used in makeup or fashion.

Rouge is red color?

Rouge is a mineral, and it is indeed red. In fact rouge is the French word for red. In the past finely divided rouge was used by women to redden their cheeks. Nowadays it is mainly used as an abrasive. Being very fine, it is much used by jewellers.

What was rouge in ancient Egypt?

In Ancient Egypt Rouge was used for the cheekbones (it was used as blush) at times it was also used for lipstick. (": i found this information through books at my school library.

Can you see the date i first used my computer?


What is the name of the famous Cabaret in Paris?

le moulin rouge - although it's not actually a windmill, but on a site where there used to be one.

What is the origin of word rouge?

Rouge is 'red' in French The origin of the word is derived from the Latin word Rubeus from a reddish powder, mostly ferric oxide used for polishing metal and glass

Where did Barack Obama get his hair cut in Cambridge ma?

Some sources have said he used to go to the La Flamme Barber Shop, on Dunster Street in Cambridge.

When was Yours sincerely first ever used?

Many do not know the exact date it was first used but we do know it has been used years ago.

What is the meaning of morne rouge?

"Le Moulin Rouge" means the red windmill.

When did they use sundials?

There is no specific date stated as to when sundials were first used.

Is 'rouge' a common noun or collective noun?

The word 'rouge' is a common noun unless it is used for something specific, such a Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is not a collective noun; an appropriate collective noun under which it might be found could be makeup or colors.

What is the meaning for en rouge and why repeated three times?

The meaning of en Rouge is in red and repeated thrice has no effect on anyone or anything, but is used as a phrase which show contentment.