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April 7th

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Q: What date is the Paris marathon 2013?
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What is the date of the London marathon 2013?

In 2013, the London Marathon took place on Sunday April 21st. This was the 33rd annual mass-participation marathon race and it was the third World Marathon Major of the year.

What is the date for the chicago marathon 2013?

It is generally the day before Columbus Day, which in 2013 is the 14th so the marathon is probably 11/13

How good is Paris marathon?

The Paris marathon was great.

When did Paris Marathon happen?

Paris Marathon happened in 1896.

When was Paris Marathon created?

Paris Marathon was created in 1976.

When was Paris Half Marathon created?

Paris Half Marathon was created in 1993.

Why is the London marathon called the London marathon?

Because it happens in London The one in Paris in called the Paris marathon

What date is the London marathon 2013?

The date that the London Marathon 2013 was held was April 21. In 2014, the marathon took place on Sunday April 13.

On what date is the next Honolulu marathon?

The Honolulu Marathon is currently scheduled to start on December 8th, 2013. The marathon is set to begin at five o'clock in the morning. However, this can change due to in-climate weather conditions.

What date was the Boston marathon in 2014?

The Boston Marathon was April 21, 2014.

Where can one find information on the number of entries in the 2013 London Marathon?

The information pertaining to the number of entries in the 2013 London Marathon can be found on the virgin mobile London Marathon site. The number of entries that had results in the marathon was 34,273 runners.

What was the date of the Mumbai Marathon 2008?

31st March 2008 was the date of Mumbai Marathon. The funds collected were given to the children in Mumbai.