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The golden eagle's were made by First Flight, were popular in the 1960's

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Professional Golf Company, Chattanooga TN

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Q: What company made First Flight Golden Lady golf clubs?
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What company made palmer's First Flight golf clubs?

Professional Golf Company

Which was the first company to make a matched set of golf clubs in the US?


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What was the first company to make a matched set of golf clubs in the US?

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What year did they make first flight golf clubs?

First Flight was a premium brand of golf clubs made up until the early to mid sixties. There was a former pro named Tony Penna that had much to do with the design of these clubs and the ownership of that company and they were sold exclusively in pro-shops at the time, being there were no huge sporting goods chains at the time such as Dicks Sporting Goods or Sports Authority. Arnold Palmer had endorsed these clubs in some manner but desired to sign a big endorsement deal with Wilson Sporting Goods when his contract ran out with First Flight. Sears came along and offered Arnie a large sum of money to put his name on some cheap department store clubs that were sold at Sears for something like $69. The deal ruined First Flight, drove them into bankruptcy. Arnie only took care of Arnie, nobody else. Ask anyone what caused the demise of First Flight and they'll tell you it was Arnold Palmer. Many of the First Flight irons designed by Penna are considered collectors items today if in reaonably good condition.

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Taylor Made is the company that produces Burner golf clubs and was founded in 1979. They provide a wide selection of high quality clubs for every golfer.

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