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Q: What comes under bodybuilding food for young children?
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Can young children under 11 cause AIDS by homosexuality?

No they can not.

Who are young children?

A young child is defined as an individual under the age of 6. Children living in group quarters and children living with only unrelated adults are excluded from these data.

What is the website Teen Bodybuilding all about?

The website Teen Bodybuilding is a site designed for teens and young adults to learn about bodybuilding in a healthy way. The site has information available about workouts, nutrition, healthy supplementation, articles to help motivate an individual and a discussion forum.

Why shouldn't mobile phones be banned from children under twelve?

they are way to young.

Can a British born young Indian girl compete in bodybuilding if so where do you start?

Start in india itself

An ad with a cartoon toothbrush is likely targeting .?

young childern

Should children under 13 have instagram?

Children under 13 should not have Instagram and their internet use should be monitored. Too many young children have poor judgement and are often bullied online.

Can a young child speak different languages?

Yes, young children have the ability to learn and speak multiple languages easily, especially if they are exposed to them at a young age. Young children are like sponges when it comes to acquiring linguistic skills.

Can children of any age play with robotic and remote controlled toys?

Generally they are not for children under 8 though there are some simple models for very young children.

What are some recommended bodybuilding supplements for young teenagers?

Some of the best bodybuilding supplements for a teen could be those that are high in protein like whole whey powder and fish oils reduce body fat while promoting muscle growth.

At what age did salman khan started bodybuilding?

Salman Khan is an enthusiastic person. He is very concerned about his body. So he started his body building at young age of 25.

What are facts about meningitis?

One interesting fact is that it occurs most commonly in young children under 5.