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Probably a white t-shirt :)

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Q: What color shirt with brown jogging pants?
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Brown shirt what color shoes?

Shoes should be closer in color to pants than shirt.

Can you wear brown shoes with navy pants?

At the risk of looking like a tree, yes. Don't be overly cautious about wearing bold colors. A nice peach or coral shirt would look great with a pair of brown pants. Even a lighter green would look nice.

Can you wear a gray shirt with brown pants?

You can wear a gray shirt with brown pants, but you might want a real light gray or try a green shirt with brown pants might be better.

What color shirt should you wear with brown pinstripe pants?

Pink looks great ,Purple, Lime Green.

What are the names and colors of the seven dwarfs?

The seven dwarfs in the Disney movie are:Happy (yellowish hat, blue pants, brown shirt)Dopey (purple hat, big green shirt, no beard)Sneezy (yellowish hat, maroon pants, brown shirt)Grumpy (brown hat, red shrit, brown pants)Doc (has glasses, brownish hat, and a red shirt with buttons and a black belt)Sleepy (blue hat, tan shirt, maroon pants)Bashful (blue hat, yellow shirt, orange pants)

What color shirt should you wear with black pants?

Any color if your pants are all black

Does a light brown brazer go well with khaki pants and a royal blue shirt?

does a light brown blazer go well with a royal blue shirt and khaki pants and brown shoes

What color shirt matches grey pants?

Any color shirt really, anything matches gray.

What color pants go with a black watch plaid shirt?

Black pants or a bright color if you want to make a fashion statement will go with a plaid shirt.

Can you wear blue pants with a gray shirt and brown shoes?

Yes because the gray and the brown are neutral colors; therefore, the blue pants would look fine with the gray shirt and the brown shoes.

Can you wear a brown sweater with gray pants?

no but if you really want to wear those brown pants wear a yellow shirt.

What color shirt matches taupe pants?