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Arlen Ness

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Q: What brand of fairing is on jax bike?
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Who makes the fairing that is used on jax teller's bike?

Arlen Ness

How tall are the handlebars on Jax's bike in Sons of Anarchy?

12" T-Bar with the arlin ness fairing

What does a fairing on a bike do?

A fairing makes the bike more stream lined, reduces wind resistance.

What is better on a pocket bike half fairing or full fairing?


Can I remove the fairing from your CB1300S as it creates to much noise?

Sorry no you can not remove the fairing from my CB1300s.... it will upset the handling of the bike to a point it is nolonger rideable also the bike will scream like a little girl at high speed, also the cooling will be effected

What is Jax?

Jax : the city of Jacksonville, FL (its Naval Airfield has the three-letter abbreviation JAX) Jax : a beer brand formerly brewed in New Orleans, LA. Its plant is now an historic building and local trade outlet. The trademark to the beer name is owned by Pearl Brewing, San Antonio, TX. Jax : the brand name of cheese curl snacks marketed by the Bachman company (Pennsylvania).

Wear is the headlight fuse on a k6 1000 06?

just behind the left hand fairing (sitting on the bike). Just to far to reach with fairing in place unless you have spider leg fingers.

You have 2003 police road king what mounts are needed to put on a outer fairing from a 2000 through 2006 electra glide standard outer fairing only do not want inner fairing can this be done?

To install an outer fairing from a 2000-2006 Electra Glide Standard onto a 2003 Police Road King, you will need to purchase a fairing mounting kit specific to your bike model and the fairing year range you mentioned. Ensure that the mounting kit is compatible with both the Road King and Electra Glide fairing. It is possible to install the outer fairing without the inner fairing, but you may need to make custom adjustments for fitment. Consider seeking assistance from a professional or a knowledgeable source for guidance during the installation process.

Where is the coolant tank on a 2002 Kawasaki Ninja 250?

The left side fairing piece (when sitting on the bike) needs to be unscrewed and it is behind it.

Where is the oil drain plug for the gsxr 600?

The oil drain plug for a GSXR 600 is on the bottom of the motor, usually near the rear of the bike. You will need to remove the fairing to get to it, and it will be the largest "bolt" on the bottom of the bike.

What brand of track bike does Eddie dawkins ride?


Is an 80cc dirt bike a trail bike?

it depends, what brand is it