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Q: What are your odds of living to be 100 year old?
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What are the odds to living to 100?

This really depends on how old you are right now. A study by the UK Department for Work and Pensions recently put the odds of a 20 year old in 2011 living to be 100 at 1 in 4.35. The odds of an 80 year old living to be 100 is about 1 in 13. The odds of a 50 year old living to be 100 is about 1 in 7. These are rough estimates, and they can depend a lot on health/family histories.

What are the Current odds of living to 100 years old?

100% accurate. Tell your self over & over and you will.

What are the odds of a normal want to be famous 11 year old girl meeting the hot boys from battlefield America?

Type your answer here... i think the odds are 20 out of 100

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A 100-year-old woman is 100 years old.

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Haha, not likely.and do you even know him?

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it is 100 year old it is 100 year old

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Very rare is what I thought until I saw your question here. I was 27 with a 1 year old kid. I'm glad I had my kid, he is my motivation to go on... Not sure what you ask. What do you mean by 'the odds'?

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What are the odds of dying when you are 100?

It depends on how fit you are, if you have any genetic disorders, or if you have the flu, which is common in old people, or if you have any injuries.