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You need to have a track bike, a track bike is different to any other bike so if its your first time go to your local bike store and they will be able to help. you need to have a velodrome around your area a velodrome is an oval circuit and on each corner it gets steep. and all you do is race around in circles

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As defined by USI rules, the first round of competition used to qualify for the sprint competition is the flying 200 m time trial. In this round each rider completes two to three warm up laps and then completes the final 200 m, which is usually just under a lap. The number of riders that qualify for the sprint rounds depends on the competition; in World Cup competitions, 16 riders will advance and in a world championship, 24 riders will advance. The top riders are seeded in the following rounds, meaning the fastest qualifier will face the slowest qualifier and so on. Knock-out rounds then proceed, initially on a one race basis and then on a best-of three-race format from the quarter-final stage. Riders defeated in the earlier rounds may get a chance to continue in the competition through the repege races. To improve your stability and cycling skills kindly visit htp://

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Well, you can start by becoming a decent road cyclist, focusing on shorter distances.

Then find a track, a club, and a bike. The club, or the track, will hold regular introduction courses to track riding - just sign on for one of those.

Once you've gotten your track license - start training and hope for the best.

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by sitting on a saddle and paddling around

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Q: What are the rules of Track cycling?
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What are the rules for olympic track cycling?

cannot get off the bike xx

Where is track cycling held?

Track cycling is done in a velodrome.

When did track cycling start?

track cycling started in the 1896 Olympics in Athens.

When was Sky Track Cycling created?

Sky Track Cycling was created in 2008.

What is a Cycling track?

A Track designed for Cyclists!

Where will the cycling events take place in London 2012?

Cycling Track Venue Velodrome / Cycling Road Venue The Mall Hampton Court Palace / Cycling Mountain Bike Venue Hadleigh Farm / Cycling BMX Venue BMX Track

What is the building called where the cycling is held this year?

Track cycling is done in a velodrome.

What is the phone number of the Marymoor - Cycling Track in Redmond Washington?

The phone number of the Marymoor - Cycling Track is: 425-885-3684.

What are South African sports?

Track and field, Australian Rules Football, Canoeing, Cricket, Cycling, Golf, Motor Sport, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, tennis

What does Chris Hoy compete in?

Track cycling.

In track cycling do the riders cycle around the track in a clockwise or anti clockwise direction?

In a track cycling the riders cycle around the track in a anti clockwise directionTrack cycling (on a velodrome or banked bicycle racing oval) is always counter-clockwise, turning left. This is the standard direction for racing throughout the world. -

Where is the Marymoor - Cycling Track in Redmond Washington located?

The address of the Marymoor - Cycling Track is: 6046 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Redmond, WA 98052