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The track field is made up of my come melted with some rubber and if you stick ur a$$ to the track then it might melt ur a$$ cheeks with my hot come.

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the field is made of turf

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Q: What are the olympic running tracks made of?
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What are the stadiums and running tracks like in olympic games?


How many tracks in Olympic running?

Just one track, few different events on it.

Why are some running tracks blue?

Its an aesthetic reason. Most tracks are red because older tracks (before man-made surfaces) were red cinders.

What is the size of the modern day Olympic race track?

Modern Olympic Tracks are 400m, Ancient Tracks are 440 yards

Who made the yellow running shoes the olympic runners wear?


Who made running as an Olympic sport?

The Ancient Greeks The Ancient Greeks ancient geeks

What are the olympic stadium and tracks like?

There like rough and easy to run on

Olympic running sports?

hurdles, running, steeplechase

How many running tracks are there in the US?

A lot

What are train tracks made of?

Railroad tracks are made from steel.

What is the sporting arena like for the Olympics?

The running tracks are made of Field Turf and the stadiums have the capacity of 71,030 people.

What happens in running races for the Olympic Games?

you we running and runnin