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The most efficient way to practice is to work on your weaknesses, this may be wedge play, or long irons. There is no advantage gained from practicing your strengths. If you practice your putting and pitching as the short game is where you can notice a lot of shots being taken off your game.

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Hi I am also new for Golf so I only gave a few tips for beginners these are

Have a Clear Mental Concentration

A beginner golfer exercises some warm up practices to stabilize his/her mind and bring his focus to the pitch. Before trying to grip, swing or putt, at least a ten minutes warm up exercise be your daily routine.


Since the inception of the game of golf, it has been regarded as the game whose participants adhere to the rules and regulations stipulated without necessarily having a referee.

Practice the Technical

Posture: The proper positioning of the golfer with the spine and shoulders being a major concern. Standing straight with the club directly on your belly, tilt forward maintain the straight posture with bend your knees slightly. If you want to gain more knowledge about golf then you can visit which provides online golf lessons and tips for beginners, juniors, men and women.

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Many amateur and professional golfers swear by the medicus driver. This is a golf club that has a couple of hinges in it. You don't actually play with it (although I suppose you could). When you swing the medicus driver, it will break at the hinges if you do something wrong. For example, if your backswing is too fast the club will break. By noticing where in your swing the club breaks, you can focus on that problem and practice until you can take a swing without breaking the club. Many consider this to be the best golf self-teaching tool available today.

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On a golf course or local football field. Don't do it inside!

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Q: What are the best golf tips for beginners?
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