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A QUAD is a back or front flip with 4 twists.

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Q: What are some gymnastics words for q?
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What are some words that start with q and end with p?

Some words that start with Q and end with P are quickstepand quip.

Is there a word with double q in it?

AnswerNo.AnswerThere are no words with consecutive double Q's (qq). But there are some words with two q's in it.EquivoqueQuaquaversalQuerqueduleQuinquagesimaQuinquangularQuinquarticularQuinqueangledQuinquedentateQuinquedentatedQuinquefariousQuinquefidQuinquefoliateQuinquefoliatedQuinqueliteralQuinquelobateQuinquelobaredQuinquelobedQuinquelocularQuinquenervedQuinquennialQuinquenniumQuinquepartiteQuinqueremeQuinquesyllableQuinquevalvequinquevalvularQuinquivalentSubquinquefid

What are ancient Greek words that start with L or Q?

There are no words in Greek that start with q but some have q in them

When did gymnastics start in New Zealand?

"" ""

What are some Olympic words that begin with the letter P?

· parallel bars gymnastics · pommel horse gymnastics

What are things in gymnastics that begin with the letter q?

The muscle in the thigh is called a quadriceps. It takes strong quadriceps to participate in gymnastics.

What are the words with the letter q in them?

queue, quick, earthquake, earhquakes, quaking

What are some words that begin with the letter Q that you can draw?

Words for things you can draw that start with the letter Q are:quarterqueenquestion markquichequilt

What are some Spanish words that begin with the letter Q?

Spanish words that begin with Q are: que quesadilla quimica

What are some Olympic words that begin with the letter U?

· uneven bars gymnastics

What begins with the letter Q?

Some words that begin with letter Q are:Q-tipquackquailquakequalityquarrelquartquarterqueasyqueenqueryquesadillaquibblequickquidQuietquillquiltquintquipquitquiverquizquotequorum

What french words start with a q?

Some French words that start with "q" are "quoi" (what), "quand" (when), "qui" (who), and "que" (that, what).