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go to and check the weights on the bikes. it also depends on how strong you are and how much you weight

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I would say dk helio 2011.

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dk siklon

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Q: What are some good all-around bmx bikes for 350 or less?
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Are silver fox bikes good?

you have know alot about silver fox. Some of there bikes are very cheap! but some of them can be quite descent. So they can be good if you get the right bike.

What kinds of transportation are used in less devloped countries?

Bikes and walking. Some families have ricshaws. they are bikes with a bigish box on the back. PIE IS THE BEST

Are diamondback bmx bikes good?

yes some of them are good just check the one you are getting

Who makes sgm bicycles?

It came from Japan, some USA, some Taiwan, some China.

What types of bikes do Charge sell?

There are many different bikes that the store Charge sells. Some of the bikes are brand new bikes. Some of the bike are used bikes, and some of them are even refurbished bikes.

Why are bikes good?

Electric bikes are environmentally friendly because they use less fuel than their petrol counterparts. In fact, they use no fuel at all! This means that they emit zero carbon dioxide emissions. Also, they don't pollute our air and water supply. These bikes are powered by electricity, which comes from renewable sources like solar power and wind turbines. So, if we want to save the environment, then we should go for electric bikes. visit adarshaelectric .com for brand new models in electric bikes

What are some good bikes for indoor cycle training.?

There are many different types of brands for different types of exercise bikes. The best type for these bikes is the Air Lite brand which is designed to be effective.

What bmx bike would you recommend?

eastern have some good bikes check out winstanleysbmx

What is the best exercise bikes to buy that are less than $100?

There are no new exercise bikes available under $100. Most of them start at a few hundred dollars and some run into the thousands depending upon their features. You may be able to find some old or used exercise bikes on Craigslist.

Where can you purchase cycling bikes?

One can purchase cycling bikes from the local retailers like Walmart and Target. Some specialized cycling stores also offer brand quality cycling bikes at a very good price.

Why is it good to ride a bike to school?

It gives you some "free" exercise (you have to get to school some way anyhow) You can come and leave at whatever time fits you. Bikes don't pollute and take up less space on the road and parking lot.

Do bikes fly?

Not in the conventional sense, no. Bikes can get some big air with a good rider and an assist from terrain, but they cannot defy gravity like an aeroplane, or even a glider can.