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Unless they're planned in from the beginning, they steal space from the other lanes, making them narrower. And it's also common that they'll start and stop in strange places, leving riders stranded in mid-traffic.

A badly planned bike lane is often worse than no bike lane at all.

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Q: What are some disadvantages of bike lanes?
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When did bike paths and lanes become a law?

Don't understand the question. There is no law saying there has to be bike lanes or bike paths.

Is it illegal to bike on sidewalks?

No, but it is frowned upon. Some cities have bike lanes to stop people from riding on sidewalks.

Which city's have a bicycle lane?

Most cities have some bike lanes, somewhere.

You may be permitted to drive in lanes if your vehicle has two or more occupants?

High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes.

Why dirt bikes are not allowed in bike lanes?

If the Engine is 50cc or larger it is Illegal to ride in a bike lane

Who has the right of way when a motorist enters a bike lane to make a right turn the motorist or the bicyclist?

Since the bike lane is assigned to the bicyclist, they always have the right of way in their lane. If you need to move to the right to make a right turn, you must yield to any bikes in the bike lane.

How do you get passed the white lanes in route 119 in emerald?

Use the Acro bike to get across when there is a gap in the lane do a sideways bike jump to get across.

How do you think the drivers of cars and trucks would feel about bike lanes and bike corrals?

They don't care, car drivers are largely ignorant about bikes.

Is it legllay to ride a dirt bike in a bike line?

I'm assuming you mean "bike lane" ....And the answer is no, bike lanes are mainly intended for unmotorized vehicles. Scooters and mopeds with small engines might be OK, but a dirt bike is way too powerful.

Why do you need bike lanes?

Usually you don't really "need" a bike lane, but if it's a properly planned one it can make riding easier. It lets motorists know that you have the right to be there, and hopefully pedestrians will give you a clear path. Trouble is, many bike lanes are added as an afterthough, so they can be poorly planned and actually be more trouble than help.

During the 5-boro bike run are cars relegated to driving in the bike lane?

Yes. And bikes will be double parking in those lanes as well impeding the cars movement.

You may drive in a bike lane?

A lot of times, merging into a turn lane may require you to cross over a bike line, or the turn lane may be jointly a turn lane and bike lane.