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There are three main styles when it comes to Golf irons. The first and probably the most common among amateur golfers is a cavity back. This club has a significant indentation on the backside of the club. These irons will be the most forgiving of the three main types and will give the most consistent feedback. I would recommend these irons for anyone with a handicap above a 10 as they are a great starting club. Adams golf club is possibly making the best cavity back irons right now. They come in two types, game improvement and super game improvement both of which are good for the beginning golfer.

The next major type is what many companies call a half-cav, or a half cavity back. These irons will have less of an indentation on the back and are slightly less forgiving. These irons will allow the player to shape shots significantly more than the full cavity back and are made for players in the 0-10 handicap range. Many tour pros play these irons and absolutely love them.

The final type is a blade iron. These will have no indentation in the back and would qualify as very unforgiving. These irons will react very poorly to any shot that is not hit on the sweet spot. These irons will definitely allow the player to shape shots to their heart's desire. These are the only irons that will truly allow the player to hit massive hooks or slices that aren't possible with the full or half cavity irons. Some of the tour pros are playing these irons but many of them have moved away from these irons in recent years because the half-cavs have made significant improvements. I personally would not recommend playing blade irons unless you average under par. I did play blades for awhile and I am a low single digit handicap and absolutely hated them. They are very difficult to be consistent with but if you are a very good player then you can handle them.

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Check the Related Links Section for a good article about different golf clubs and what they do.

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Q: What are all the different golf clubs for?
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