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Q: What are all of the events that Usain Bolt did?
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Did Usain Bolt win all his events?

He has not lost in 2008 and 2009.

How many events has usain bolt won?


Who is the faster man in the world?

Usain Bolt, he set a world record in 100m in 2008.

What are some important events in usain bolt's lifetime?

The commonwealth and olympics

What upbringing does Usain Bolt come from?

country folks, sporting events.

How far has Usain Bolt long jumped?

Usain Bolt doesn't do the long jump! He does running in the events of 100m 200m 400m and 4X100m men's relay!

What events did Usain Bolt represent?

He is currently doing the 100m sprint race

Who else was favourite to win the same events as Usain Bolt?

Asafa Powell

What nicknames does Usain Bolt go by?

Usain Bolt goes by Lightning Bolt.

Who holds the current record for the olympic 100m sprint?

Usain bolt 9.58 and his olympic record is 9.69

Who is more famous Justin Bieber or Usain Bolt?

usain bolt

What can usain bolt do?

usain bolt is horse