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He holds world records in 100m (9.58), 200m (19.19) and 4x100mR (37.04).

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Q: What are Usain Bolts world records?
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What is Usain Bolts achievements?

Winning 3 gold medals so far and breaking the world records in the 100m 200m and the relay

What are the world records in athletics?

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Where is Usain Bolts traning?

Usain Bolts rose to prominence during the 2002 World Junior Championships. He currently trains in Kingston, Jamaica at the University of Technology.

When was usain bolts first race?

2002 at the World Junior Championships.

Who gets Usain Bolts medals?

Usain Bolt

Who lives in usain bolts house?

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What are Usain Bolt's records?

He holds world records in 100m (9.58), 200m (19.19) and 4x100mR (37.04).

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Usain Bolts career is a lifetime luxury he loves it but he also loves cricket

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