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Chinese gymnasts start at the same time as any other gymnast, 18 months.

Ok so this is what the other person said, i dont really agree with this because yeah in my gym they start at like 18 months but... they just do like forward rolls and stuff like that! In china they pretty much have them start doing round offs and crazy stuff like that!

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Q: What age do Chinese gymnast start gymnastic training?
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Is 10 to old to start training to be a gymnast?

Any one can start at any age

How do I acquire a sponsor if I was a collegiate gymnast last year but will go elite next year I need help to support my 35 plus hours per week training schedule?

you should go to you local authority and start from there and once you do the gymnastic stuff people will look at you and then you will get sponsored

How old do you have to begin to do gymnastic?

Most people start at 5 or 6, or higher maybe. But if you have true talent, you MIGHT start at 4. I'm actually a gymnast myself :) Level 6, ten years old. I started when I was 5.

When age do you have to start to become a gymnast?

Any age!

What is the song NBC playes before gymnastic start?

Phillip Phillips "Home"

When did Mary Lou start gymnastic?

i have no idea i asked the question why did it take me here

Im looking to be a gymnast and i dont know if i should get a trampoline?

Why don't you start by using the equipment that's available in your school, gym, or training center before you make the commitment of purchase and space? You might also consult your coach.

Can i become a professional gymnast at 18 years old?

It's never to late to become a gymnast. Just start, unless you can't commit then there is no point in it. No time, nothing learned.

When are the gymnastic Olyimpic games?

The 2012 Olympics (London) start on the 27th July and are on for about 2 and a half weeks.

What are the signs or signals used by a referee during a gymnastic event?

There is not a referee for gymnastics competions. Judges have severale signals they use to tel an athlete when to go or when to warm up. On eents when a timed warm up is given judges will use a bell to signal the end of this warm up. A judge salutes a gymnast to start there routine either by raising his or her arm or lifting a flag.

You are an 19 year old ex gymnast WAG and you want to start training for something new. What sport shall you choose?

Lots of my ex-gymnast friends went into diving. Dance or cheerleading are rather similar to gymnastics if you'd like to go that route. Personally I liked gymnastics for the determination you had to have the risks you had to take, so I'd like to go into something like rugby.

Can 12 year old girls start gymnastics if they have no experience?

Yes. Just start off as a compulsary gymnast, and you can move up levels