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Q: What Asian sport is between soccer and volleyball but is played on a badminton court?
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What games were used to invent volleyball?

badminton and soccer

What games are played with a net on a stick and a ball?

tennis,soccer, basketballAnswerAll that are played with a rounded ball straight, soccer, badminton, netball, basketball,

What are the different kinds of sports in the Philippines?

badminton table tennis soccer tennis volleyball

What kinds of sports does Iran play?

Soccer (football), is the largest. They have badminton, polo, volleyball, and others. Wrestling.

What is the most popular sport in Algeria?

Soccer is the most widely played and watched sport in Algeria. Competitive volleyball has also gained popularity in the area.

What sports are played on a court or field?

court: squash, volleyball, badminton, ball hockey, basketball, dodgeball, boxing, wrestling, dancing, gymnastics, handball, tennis field: soccer, baseball, football, archery, etc...

What sports is the us partisapating in?

Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Track & Field, Badminton, Softball, Tennis, and Swimming.

What is the difference between a soccer ball and a volleyball?

Volleyballs are softer than a soccer ball.

What sports are on deca sports 2 Wii?

curling,basketball,figure skating,soccer,supercross,badminton,archery,beach volleyball,and kart racing

What are differences between football and volleyball?

Vball- 6 players Bball- 5 players Vball- you serve it Bball- you throw it

What are all of the sports played in Sweden?


Volleyball is a combination of what 3 sports?

soccer, basketball, and ice hockey its kinda like water polo on land...