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Depends on a lot of things, your age, your gender, your fitness level, how hard you ride to start with.

I'd use about 3600 cals in 60 miles, but I'm an experienced rider and I ride fairly hard. 2400 cals in 6 miles or even less is probably more normal.

For me, 3600 cals would equal 1 lbs weight loss - assuming my eating is spot on to start with.

If I'm overeating, then all those miles might just let me keep my weight steady, or maybe lose me an ounce or so.

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Q: Riding 60 mile per week on a stationary bike how many calories or pounds could be burned?
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How many calories are burned for 1 mile at 125 pounds?

That depends on how you are covering that mile, your weight, and your pace. You could by walking, jogging, or riding a bike, for example. The number of calories burned will vary from person to person in accordance with those factors. Feel free to ask the question again and include more details.

How long would you have to walk to burn 72 calories?

This entirely depends on the pace at which you are walking, and what condition your body is in. Someone who is very fit, and very trim, will not burn 72 calories as quickly as someone who is not very fit or trim when walking at the same speed.Lets say you were to walk at 3mph, which is about an average walking pace for many people. Based on your average weight, and walking at a speed of 3 miles an hour, you will burn calories at the following rate:130 to 140 pounds - 3.5 calories burned per minute145 to 155 pounds - 4.0 calories burned per minute160 to 170 pounds - 4.5 calories burned per minute175 to185 pounds - 5.0 calories burned per minute190 to 200 pounds - 5.5 calories burned per minuteSo if you were to weigh 150lbs, it would take 18 minutes of walking. 18 minutes multiplied by 4 calories a minute equals 72 calories burned. Give or take.

Why did you lose 3 pounds today?

You took in less calories than you burned

How many pounds lost based off of how many calories burned?

One pound = 3500 calories. Decreasing calories by 500 per day for a week = 3500 calories lost or 1 pound.

How many calories are burned swimming for 1 hour 100pounds?

How many calories are burned when swimming depends on the person's weight and the size of the pool. For a person who weighs 150 pounds in a pool that is 25 yards in length they will burn 414 calories for an hour of doing a front crawl.

How long would it take to burn off 170 calories riding an eliptical bike?

This is based on someone weighing 150 Pounds. Riding and Elliptical Bike at 12-14 Km/H for 17Mins will burn roughly 168 calories.

You weigh 132 pounds so how many calories do you burn running 1 mile?

The number of calories you burn during any exercise can vary some depending on age and gender. However, an approximate number of calories burned by someone 132 pounds is 100.

Does surfing burn off calories?

Calories burned by surfing will depend on the sex of the person and how much they weigh. For instance, a male that is 210 pounds and surfs for 30 minutes will burn 306 calories.

How many calories does a Aquacise burn?

I found a website that breaks down how to calculate that number of calories burned during a work out. Using water aerobics as the example, and the exercisers approximate body weight of 200 pounds, approximately 380 calories are burned in a one hour class with moderate intensity.

If you burned 30500 calories will you really lose 10 pounds?

No. Even if your math is correct, your body just doesn't work that simply.

What is the relationship of calorie consumption and calories burned?

The relationship of calorie consumption and calories burned is the following (kind of in depth): The calories you eat are obviously the calories you consume, right? Right. The calories you burn are, well, the calories you burn. If you consume 1,000 calories, but your body burns (oh say, 2,000 calories for sake of arguement) then you will easily not be affected weight-wise by the food. However, if you consume (eat) 5,000 calories, then you're going to put on a few pounds. 3,500 calories = a pound.

How many calories do you burn when you do 50 push ups if you are 80 pounds?

The number of calories burned during 50 push-ups would depend on factors like age, gender, and intensity. However, on average, a person weighing 80 pounds may burn around 40-60 calories by doing 50 push-ups.