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Q: PGA player highest earnings without a win?
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How many Nationwide Tour players based on season-ending earnings make the PGA Tour?

The top 25 in earnings are given PGA memberships for the following season. Additionally, any player who wins three Nationwide tournaments in one season is promoted to the PGA tour for the remainder of the season. However, if that player is not in the top 25 in earnings at the end of the season they must go to qualifying school to earn a spot on the PGA Tour for the following season.

How much has Kenny perry won on the PGA tour?

His career earnings are $30,116,567 on the PGA Tour. As of 3rd August 2009.

Who topped the PGA Tour in earnings for five years in the 1970s?

Jack Nicklaus

Can a golf player play in the US PGA and the European PGA?

Yes they can.

What is a PGA sponsor exemption?

When a sponsor of a PGA tournament pays the entry fee for a player

Who is the richest PGA player?

Tiger Woods

How much money has david duvall won on the PGA tour lifetime?

Per PGA website, David Duvalhas career earnings: David Duval $17,482,289 Currently ranked 36 all time, that includes 2009 US Open.

Can you get 2 player on PGA Tour 12?

Yes you can.

Which PGA player trains the hardest?

Vijay Singh

Who is the best player on PGA tour?

Tiger Woods.

What are the educational requirements of a PGA player?

None at all.

Who recorded the highest ever PGA Tour round and what was the score?

89, Ralph Johnston - 1972