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Q: Looking for a Model 4300 golf putter made by Northwestern Company?
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Has anyone heard of a strange looking golf putter called Primo model stingray p21?

yes l have one,a primo stingray p21 putter

Just ran across a northwestern putter wooden shaft model 1300 found in attic anyone have any info on value not for sale family item?

round 500$

What is the model number for the coors ceramic putter?

They don't have a model number on the putter that I see, I have 35 of them, and 4 like new head covers.

Macgregor 10 ben hogan model pt stylized rec no 2360 valueMacGregor Golf Company?

For me it's an putter Mac Gregor Nº 10 Signed Ben Hogan already finals 40'

What brand and model of putter is Kenny perry using in 2009 masters?

It's a Ping Craz-e.

Which putter model did rocco mediate finish runner up at the 2009 us open?

Odyssey Sabretooth.

How much is a scotty Cameron first run of 500 putter worth?

It depends what model, could be 300$ to 800$

What is model of FIE .25 cal pistol stamped THE BEST?

The company is out of business. Try looking for old catalogs.

Looking for information on a Marlin Fire Arms Company 22 cal rimfire model 80?

looks like the model 80 was manufactured from 1935-1939. there was two differant variations of it.

What year was ping a-blade putter made?

Ping never stopped making the 1A model. You can still order them today from any authorized Ping dealer.

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The company Model Zone is a model toy company located in the United Kingdom. They specialize in model toy cars, model railways, model kits and diecast models.

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