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Fergus Muir made a 375-foot "putt" on the par-3 fifth hole at St. Andrews Eden course for a hole in one. But this was a shot with a putter off the tee.

The Longest Televised putt was 206 feet by short-game wizard Dave Pelz at Whistling Straits in the run-up to the 2004 PGA Championship.

In 1981, Terry Wogan set the world record for the longest successful Golf putt ever televised, which was 33 yards (30.2m) at the Gleneagles golf course in a pro-celebrity TV programme on the BBC.

*(To see this putt and get more information on both, see the related link)

Olympic swimming gold medalist Michael Phelps famously made a long putt in 2012 in team play at St. Andrews in Scotland. The putt was variously reported as 153 or 159 feet and with his net stroke gave him a "1" for the hole.

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Tiger Woods, u.s. open 2007 396 yards

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40 yards

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Q: Longest golf shot in PGA history?
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