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Yes, its is basically pole vault without the pole.

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Q: Is there an olympic event called pole jump?
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An event like the high jump but with a long stick is called the pole what?

It Is "Pole Vault".

Olympic event decatholon combines what events?

A decathlon is a two day, ten event track and field competition. The events are 100m, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400m, 110m hurdles, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw, and 1500m.

What is the name of the event in which participant use a pole to jump over high bar?

Pole vaulting.

What category does a pole vault go under?

Pole vault is classed as a 'jump' in the field event in athletics.

What are the Olympic field events?

discus, hammer throw, javlin's, triple jump, long jump, high jump, pole vault, shot put.

What olympic sport lets athletes jump 10 meteres through the air?

pole vault?

What is the event where you jump but with a stick?

Sounds like you're asking about pole vaulting.

What is the event that is like high jump but athlete starts with a pole and uses it to get over a bar?


Besides hammer throw which athletic event for woman was added in the 2000 Sydeny Olympic?

Pole Vault

Are there hurdles in the Olympic Games?

No, hurdles are a track event. The event takes place on the track. Field events are those that are competed in the 'field' located within the track. Field events are long jump, high jump, javelin, discus, hammer throw, shot put, pole vault, and triple jump.

Who was the first British pole vaulter?

The first British pole vaulter to win an Olympic medal was Dorothy Tyler in the 1936 Olympics. She won a silver medal in the women's pole vault event.

Is Jumping still played in the Olympics today?

The High jump, Long jump, Triple jump, and Pole vault (jump) are all currently in the modern olympic program.