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Q: Is there a charge to play in the golf Masters game?
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Is golf a sport or game?

It is a sport, although you can play a game of golf.

Who was the first player to play in in first masters golf tournament?

Sam Snead

Did Arnold Palmer play in the 1959 Masters Golf Tournament?

Yes, he finished 3rd.

How do you play golf the card game?

what do you get when you cross a card game of golf

You want to play Augusta national golf course?

So does every golfer. You will need to qualify for The Masters or get invited to play by a member.

How do you say golf in German?

golf = der Golf golf = das Golfspiel golfing (game) = das Golf gulf (geolog.) = der Golf to golf = golfen | golfte, gegolft to golf = Golf spielen to play golf (game) = Golf spielen

Where can one play Crazy Golf for free online?

People can play the flash game Crazy Golf of free on the website Mousebreaker or Teagames. The game Crazy Golf is 18 holes of mini golf that one must complete in as few strokes as they can.

Why does elder people play golf?

because golf is a nice relaxing game so they dont get stressed :]

What time does the masters 2009 start golf?

The 2009 Masters golf tournament started at 8:00am on April 9th with the ceremonial tee shots. The first round play began shortly after that.

What game do the members of Rascal Flatts play on tour to relax?


Who is the first people play golf?

The generally-accepted "home of golf" is Scotland, and the Scots are typically viewed as the inventors of the game.

Who can play golf?

Anyone, if they want to. Like any other sport, golf is an investment in money and time. if one has both, golf is a really enjoyable game.