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No. On various years it has started in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, strayed in Italy and Spain.

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Q: Is the tour de France route always confined to France?
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The tour de France always finishes in a different city each year?

NO! it ALWAYS finishes in Paris (on the champs elysee), but starts and is a totally different route to get there each year.

Where in France is the tour de France held?

It is held all over France and has a different route each year. The route now always finishes in Paris and passes through the Alps and the Pyrenees each year.It is in FranceSlightly different from year to year. You've gotta specify the year to get a decent answer.France, but Stage 1 or Prolouge has started in various other cities/countries in Europe such as London and Monaco.The route of the Tour de France changes every year. However, it is always designed so as to have its mountain stages held in both the Alps and the Pyrenees, and its last stage will always end on the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

How is the Tour De France route selected?

by a planning map and lots of effort

Where does the Tour de France begin?

The first stage of the Tour de France every year begins in different places, even different countries bordering france, the route is changed every year. The only thing that stays the same is the finish in Paris on the champs elysee on the final day.

Does the tour de France go every year?

The Tour De France always finishes in Paris and has mountain sections and time trials but the route changes each year even crossing into bordering countries on occasion. As far as I know it went into the Italian Alpes ad Spanish Pyranees in recent years and has also had a stage in the UK.

The number of stages including the prologue in the 2005 Tour de France?

The cycling race Tour de France takes place every year over three weeks in July, traveling through France and sometimes its neighboring countries. Although the route changes every year, it always ends on the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

What city does the Tour de France end?

Paris. It doesn't always end in Paris, but it mostly does!

When has the tour de France not started in France?

The course of the Tour de France change every year so, time to time, it might start in neigbouring countries. However most of it is raced in France and it has always finished in Paris.

Do many people watch the Tour de France?

Oh yes. Thousands line the route, and millions follow it on TV.

Does the tour de France ever leave France?

It is generally in France with occasional stages in neighbouring countries. It is traditional for the tour to start in another country, this year's start was in Monaco. This years tour for example has two stages based in Spain/Andorra.

What does tour de mean in english?

"Tour de" basically means "tour of". So tour de France = tour of France.

Why is the Tour France named?

The Tour de France, the cycling race, just means tour of France, tour meaning race in this instance. So called because it goes around France.