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some are some arent it depends on the bike some are way heavier than others but nine times out of ten yes.

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Q: Is the huffy brand of bike a trick bike?
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How much is a huffy monkey bike?

At a garage sale, that's were I got my hear no evil huffy micro monkey bike.

What is the max speed of a huffy bike?

it depends on the rider

What is a Huffy Savannah 3-speed bike serial B312-88 worth?

nothing, its a huffy. Whatever you spend on a new bike, half that every 3 years, and thats what its worth.

Is roadmaster a good bike brand?

The Roadmaster brand has been in existence for many, many years, very close to 100 in fact. It is the equivalent of Huffy and numerous other department store brand bikes such as Free Spirit, Hawthorne, J.C. Higgins and more. It was originally a brand of the Cleveland Welding company, but it is now owned by Pacific bike.

Where can you get a huffy mountain bike?

Huffy mountain bikes are available in most big box stores. (i.e. Walmart, Kmart, Target, etc.)

Where can you buy Tommy Armour replacement grips for your iron set?

The Huffy Bike Company owns the Tommy Armour brand now. You might try contacting the Ohio office for a start.

How do you find a Huffy micro monkey bike replacement battery?

u smell

How much is a huffy Galaxie bike worth?

10 pounds if your American 25 bucks

What is the bike to ride?

well if ur wookin for a good peddle bicycle i would suggest gettin a huffy, mongoose, or the best bike in the world is a haro.

How does a 6 speed huffy bike work?

Probably just fine. You have to be more specific in your question to get a sensible answer.

What are the things on the side of a trick bike called?

the things on both sids of each tire on a trick bike or bmx bike are called pegs

Huffy granite mens bike is it worth it?

No way of knowing unless you you tell us what value you're talking about...