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yes in manga series but in the movie its done episodes 1-188 and OVA 1-12 i think.. but in manga there's a new prince of tennis ryoma is second year student there it is ongoing read it on

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Q: Is prince of tennis an ongoing anime?
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Is prince of tennis a romantic anime?

no, there's no romance in prince of tennis at all. it's a sport anime/manga.

What is seigaku18 favorite anime?

seigaku18 favorite anime is prince of tennis!

Did echizen died on the anime prince of tennis?


What is the best Character in anime?

It has to be Ryoma in Prince of Tennis. Without prince of tennis, there wouldn't be naruto or dragonballz.

What is the name of prince of tennis anime?

It's usually called The Prince of Tennis, but in Japanese it's referred to as Tennis no Oji Sama or TeniPuri.

How many total episodes are there in prince of tennis?

There are a total of 178 episodes to the anime series "Prince of Tennis" with 4 sequels .

Who is Ryoma Echizen?

He is the protagonist in the anime called Prince of Tennis.

Prince of tennis ova episode 16?

Okay I will give you a more useful link to watch your favorite anime Prince of tennis Look at this link:

Is OVA 26 the last episode of Prince of Tennis?

Prince of Tennis is a Japanese manga created by Takeshi Konomi. There are 27 episodes of the manga available on OVA.

What website has prince of tennis 2 episode 14 currently that is anime?

SUBBED: Please reply to tell me if the links do not work.

Will new prince of tennis become a anime?

Yes, it should be coming out in Jan. 2012

What anime has david neil black been in?

He was Ryoma Echizen in "Prince of Tennis" :D