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Long jump: 1. Run as fast as you can! Sprint like your life depends on it! Without speed, you won't have strength in your jump, and the jump will not turn out... 2. Don't stop, then jump! If you sprint down, then stop at the beginning of the pit, then jump, there would be no point of running in the first place. You need to keep it smooth, so that when you come to the pit you can place your foot down like you were about to run another stride, but then jump. 3. You have to have strength in your jump. Use your strong foot, the foot you would use to kick a soccer ball. Make sure you use all your strength that is in your leg. Jump forward, not up. You need to have lots of thrust to make it strong. 4. Use your arms. It may sound odd, but if you use your arms you will go farther, you'll have more thrust. Pump them as if you were running in the air. Doing that with your legs can help, too. 5. Fall forward, not back. If you have to fall, make sure your falling forward. Falling back will just take away lots of length off your good jump. 6. Practice, practice, practice! The more practicing you do, the better you get. I know it sounds lame, but it's true! Triple Jump: Use the exact same strategies that are up there, except with the hop, skip, jump. Practice them so you can put it together smoothly. I'm good at triple jump, and I made it to the track finals for long jump. These are the strategies I use. I hope they help you! Good luck!

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No. In triple jump you jump 3 times and only once in long jump. But the object is the same.

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Q: Is long jump and triple jump same?
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What is the farthest jump for the long jump?

There are two track and field events. The long jump, and the triple jump.

What is the five field events?

There are eight field events: high jump, pole vault, long jump, triple jump, shot put, discus throw, hammer throw and javelin throw.

What is tripple jump?

Triple jump is a running hop, step (or skip), and long jump in that order.

What are the modern Olympics events?

trampoline football basketball triple jump long jump

What are some of the Olympic events?

athletics, long jump, triple jump, hurdles, sprints

How do you do a triple jump on Mario 64?

While you are moving, jump (wile moving). Once you land jump again (still moving same direction). Jump one more time exactly as you land (while moving in the same direction) to do the triple jump and get a little higher.

What sports are held in the Olympic stadium?

Running hurdles long jump high jump triple jump javline

4 jumping events in track and field?

High jump, pole vault, long jump and triple jump

Triple jump is sometimes reffered to as?

I think some people will call it hop step jump or mistakenly, long jump.

Has anybody ever long or triple jumped and missed the pit? dad has when he was doing triple jump

Facilities of high jump long jump tripple jump are?

Triple jump and long jump competitions are often conducted with the same track and landing pit. Take off lines are marked on the track to indicate the separate starting points. High jump requires a landing mat, uprights, crossbars, and a running and take-off area.

Is it a fault to go left right left in the triple jump?

As long as there is no foul on the jump it is perfectly legal