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1. Basic Sprints

Set 2 cones out 10-20 meters apart. Sprint from one cone to the next and slowly jog back to the start. Vary the start of the sprint to make the drill more sport specific.

2. Rolling Start

Exactly the same as above except you jog for 10 meters before sprinting. This drill is specifically designed to enhance acceleration rather than speed off the mark. Try running backwards or side stepping as well.

3. Up Hill Sprints

In competition the first few strides are crucial. Running up a slight hill (about 30 degrees) helps to develop power and acceleration. Keep the distances short (10-15 meters) and allow extra rest between sets and reps.

An alternative to uphill running is a resistance parachute. Resistance chutes are one of the most popular and effective training aids for sprinters. If it's adjustable it can be used to develop power for sprint trainers or even long distance runners.

4. Down Hill Sprints (Over speed training)

Down hill speed and agility drills help to develop leg speed and co-ordination. This is sometimes referred to as over-speed training. Keep the distance short (10-15 meters) and make sure the hill is only slight.

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Q: Is jogging or running or speed walking better for improving stamina?
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