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Yes ... those are the commonly accepted rules. If the remaining pins are downed by the second ball, then that constitutes a "spare" or a "/" mark.

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Q: Is it necessary to make a strike or spare to make a mark?
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What is another term for getting a strike or a spare on your scorecard?

a mark

What does mark mean in bowling?

it means you got either a strike or spare

If your your first ball knocked down 5 pins and your second knocked down two what is this called?

If you dont mark in a frame (strike or spare) it is an open

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In bowling is it considered an open frame if you mark all the way to the eleventh frame but get only 9 pins in the twelfth frame?

No. The 10th frame is one of three deliveries. You only get a third delivery if you mark on the first (strike) or second (spare) delivery. An open in the 10th frame means you do not get a third delivery.

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What does it mean to roll a clean game in bowling?

A "clean game" in bowling is simply a game that has no opens. That means that every frame, the two shots equal 10 pins.A mark is either a strike (10 pins in one shot) or a spare (ten pins in two shots). So a clean game would also be a game in which a bowler marks every game.Note: Some bowlers do not consider it an "open" (frame does not equal 10 pins) if the first shot resulted in a "split."

What are the Pin values in 10 pin bowling?

In any of the variants of 10-pin bowling (including Duckpins or candlepins), each pin is worth one point. However, when you are scoring a strike (all pins down on first ball) or spare (all pins down on 2nd ball), the scoring is more complex. For a spare, the score is 10 plus the number of pins knocked down on the first ball of the next frame (so, for example, a spare followed by a 7 count would be 17) For a strike, the score is 10 plus the number of pins knocked down on the next two balls thrown (so, for example, a strike followed by a 7 count then a completed spare would be 10+7+3 = 20). The most points that could be scored in a frame would be a strike followed by a strike, followed by another strike, 10+10+10 = 30. This gives us the maximum possible bowling score of 300 (10 frames, maximum of 30 pins in each). If a strike or spare is thrown in the 10th and final frame, the bowler immediately throws one (in the case of a spare) or two (for a strike) bonus balls, called "extra frames". These frames do not score on their own, they only serve to determine the extra pins for the 10th frame's mark.

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