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Q: Is it OK to drink coffee after jogging?
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What happen when you drink too much coffee?

Umm coffee does get you a bit drunk for example coffee is a addicting thing just drink one to two cups of coffee then you will be OK

Can you drink decaffeinated coffee while taking ciprofloxacin?

Ciprofloxacin is among the strongest bacterial antibiotics. the only thing that will happen if you drink regular coffee is it will increase the effects of the caffeine. perfectly OK to drink decaffeinated. just don't go over board on the coffee with caffeine.

Can you drink coffee if taking Seroquel?

can you drink coffee and taking seroquel

Do ethiopians drink coffee?

Yes ,Ethiopians drink coffee .Ethiopians also have a traditional way of making coffee

Can you drink coffee while taking coffee bean extract?

No i can not because more coffee will make drink bad

Would drinking one glass of water a day with lots of vitamins and two to three pots of stong coffee a day be OK?

No. You need to drink more water than that and way less coffee.

Jogging in the forest you were attacked by trolls is this sentence's participle okay or does it dangle?

It's OK, since it is "you" (as opposed to the trolls) who were "jogging in the forest."

Out of 50 persons14 drink coffee but not tea30 drink coffeeHow many drink coffee but not tea?

30 people is the answer

What can you do about coffee cravings?

Just drink coffee

Do Saints drink soda or coffee?


How do you drink good coffee?

I usually love to go to Barista coffee shop to drink coffee. Every cup of coffee is made by espresso method.

How often do people in the US drink coffee?

79% of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis.