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No because they are for broken ankles and sometimes they hurt your feet and are hard to walk in. Also they are hard to get into shoes. When you play tennis you have to run a lot and be active, but with the ankle brace on you wont be able to because they are not meant for being active or running and stuff like that! So I suggest that you don't wear the ankle brace while your playing tennis to prevent rolling ankles.... It won't work!!

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Q: Is it OK and-or smart to wear ankle braces while playing tennis to prevent rolling ankles?
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Are ankle braces recommended for basketball?

you don't have to but if you have hurt your ankles it's a good idea to keep them from getting required if your playing in aau or middle school level you should where them.

Why is physical therapy used to treat muscular dystrophy?

in particular regular stretching, is used to maintain the range of motion of affected muscles and to prevent or delay contractures. Braces are used as well, especially on the ankles and feet to prevent equinus

How do you prevent teeth?

You use braces.

How do you prevent buck teeth?

You use braces.

What kinds of medical problems does a drop foot brace help with?

Drop foot braces help with medical problems such as correcting deformed ankles and protecting injured ankles. It also offers ankle protection and maintains to position of the foot..

If you have braces on can you still play the tenor sax?

yes you can they have these brace guards that cover your braces while you are playing

Is it illegal to have braces not wearing a mouth guard and playing basketball?

You can still play with braces without having to wear a mouthguard.

Will you still be able to play sports or a musical instrument?

Yes. While playing sports, it is recommended that you wear a mouth guard to protect your smile and prevent your lips and cheeks from getting cut. Also, we have many patients who play a musical instrument. Although there may be a short period of adjustment, there is no reason why braces will prevent you from playing your instrument.

How do you play the trumpet with braces on?

The same as if you were playing it without. It can be painful, but you can ask your orthodontist for some wax to put on your braces for a little cushion.

Can you get a tooth sealent even if you have braces?

Absolutely, and even better time to get them. With braces it is harder to keep your teeth clean; and anything that can be done to prevent cavities would be great.

How long after getting braces should you start playing soccer again?

You can play whenever you want to, just wear a mouthguard and be careful with your mouth. I am a goalie, and I went back to playing soccer the day after I put on my braces.

What are some examples of different ankle supports?

Some examples of different ankle supports include ankle taping, which many athletes use to help prevent the injury from moving when playing sports, or ankle braces, which can be easily tightened but may not be as effective as taping.