Is Andy Murray's dad dead

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Is Andy Murray's dad dead
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What is the date of Andy murreys birthday?

Andy murrays birthday, 15th may

What is Andy Murrays brother called?

jamie murray

What is Andy murrays mum name?

nina murray

How old is Andy Murrays wife?

Andy Murray, the Scottish tennis player, is not married.

Which actor plays Chad Michael Murrays Dad in A Cinderella Story?

Kevin Kilner.

What was Andy Murrays first job?

He was a golf caddy in high school, which made his casting as a groundskeeper in Caddyshack a bit ironic.

Who is Andy Six's dad?

Andy Six's dad is called Chris Biersack.

When is Andy Murrays next match?

Type your answer hereAndy Murray's next match is against Florent Serra in the 2010 Australian Open in Melbourne...

What is the population of Murrays Bay?

Murrays Bay's population is 4,581.

Is Andy Fordham dead?

No he is not dead

Is Andy sixx a dad?

Actually no, Andy is not a dad. No hes not, He cant even have Children anyway :( Which is sad becuz hes beutiful :)