Is Ana Ivanovic in top spin 3?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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no because he is not working to that company like federer (no.1) top spin pay federe some money so he can be in the game but nadal don't want to be patrocinated by top spin

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nope u can create her though

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Q: Is Ana Ivanovic in top spin 3?
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Why isn't ana ivanovic in Top spin 3?

the game is racist.

Who is this years best tennis player?

for 2008 womens top 3 are 1.Maria Sharapova 2.Ana Ivanovic 3.Jelena Jankovic and men top 3 are 1.Roger Federer 2.Rafael Nadal 3.Novak Djokovic

Who won the women's 2008 French Open?

Ana Ivanovic defeated Dinara Safina, 6-4, 6-3, to win the 2008 French Open Women's Singles title.

In which year did Ana Ivanovic win the French Open for the first time?

That was 2008 when she defeated Dinara Safina in the finals, 6-4 and 6-3.

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What is the best tennis game for the ps3?

Top Spin 3

Where might one find the Top Spin 3?

One would probably find the Top Spin 3 in an amusement park. If not the amusement park, then it could probably be found at a fair. One could also assume that they could find the Top Spin 3 near the back of the park as it sounds like it is one of the larger rides.

What is Top Spin 2?

It's a tennis game. The visuals are slightly above average, but the gameplay itself is quite good. Not as good as Top Spin 3 though, obviously!

Why are the Nintendo Wii and Top Spin 3 top?

The wii is mostly top because when it was released, it was the first game where you exersize, play sports, etc. But now that the xbox 360 Kinect came out, the wii is more common then the xbox 360. I'm not sure about the top spin 3.

How do you fix a toy helicopter if the top rotar won't spin?

you have to twist the top a couple of times about 3 or 6

How do you get maximum serve speed in top spin 3?

155 MPH by Andy Roddick