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Bowlmor AMF, which acquired the AMF chain of Bowling centers and recently acquired the Brunswick retail chain of bowling centers has been examining the performance of their centers across the country and has been making changes, which include closures as needed with their under performing center.

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Q: Is AMF Bowling Closing Bowling Centers?
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Is amf bowling the most popular bowling centre in Victoria?

AMF does not have any bowling centers in Victoria, British Columbia Canada.

Is AMF corporation planning on closing some corporate owned centers?


Where can one get AMF Bowling coupons for free?

Go to and join the eClub the link is right on the homepage. You will get printable coupons via email. You can also join the mClub by going to you local amf and follow the posted instructions. You will get coupon codes via text messages on you cell phone.

How many employees are employed by AMF Bowling Center?

AMF Bowling Centers Inc. is arguably the most well-known operator of bowling centers and certainly one of the most successful. It currently employs approximately 7000 people as of July 2013 however in the ever-changing world of business things can quickly change and the company has twice entered bankruptcy in its history.

When did AMF Bowling World Lanes happen?

AMF Bowling World Lanes happened in 2008.

What is the stock symbol of AMF bowling worldwide inc?


How much does xtreme bowling cost?

It depends, but it's pretty expensive. At AMF centers its almost $6 per game and shoes.

When was AMF Bowling World Lanes created?

AMF Bowling World Lanes was created on 2008-11-18.

What are the ratings and certificates for AMF Xtreme Bowling - 2006 VG?

AMF Xtreme Bowling - 2006 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:E

Who is on the board of AMF Bowling?

It depends on if you are speaking of the AMF center chain or speaking of QubicaAMF, which is the manufacturer of scoring equipment, pins, bowling balls, etc.

Where is the closest AMF bowling center near Conway SC?

AMF Park Lanes in Columbia, SC is the closed AMF center.

Were to find AMF 300 XS Bone Bowling Balls?

You can find one at the following address: