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Not really. It must be a junior or ladies handicap because the maximum handicap a man can hold is 28. A 30 handicapper would be struggling to break 100 so not a great handicap, unless you are a beginner.

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Yes, it would be quite amazing in fact.

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Q: Is 3 a good handicap for a 72 year old golfer?
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What is a good handicap for 10 year old girl?

a 40 cuz that's the highest u can go cuz 10 yearolds suck

What is the average handicap of a 10 year old?

i think a good handicap for a 10 year old is 28 and that is what i play of and i am 10 so i think 28 is good

Is a 21 handicap good for a 12 year old?


Is it possible for a 15 year old with a handicap of 15 who practices at least 2 times a week to become a professional golfer?

Yes, anyone can become a better golfer through practice. Expecially at a young age.

Is a 41 good for a 13 year old golfer?

It depends, a 41? On one hole, terrible, go buy a tennis racket. For 9 holes, very good, this would equate to roughly a 10-12 handicap. 41 as a handicap, at 13, this is not the end of the world, you are still very young and there is plenty of time to work on your game.

Is 11 handicap for a 15 year old good?

Yes, it is very good. Although it depends what you want to achieve in the game.

Is a 5.1 handicap good for a 2 year player and 25 years old female?

Yes, it is very good progress.

Is a 5.1 golf handicap good for a 2 year female player and 25 years old?

Yes, it is very good progress.

Is 1 handicap good for a sixteen year old?

Yes however you will want to get down to about +2-+4 by the time your 18 x

Is a swing speed of 84 average for a 70 year old golfer?

Yes, a swing speed of 84 would be considered above average for a 70-year-old golfer. Age can typically decrease swing speed due to factors like decreasing muscle mass and flexibility. A swing speed of 84 suggests good fitness and technique for a golfer in that age group.

Would a golfer have a chance of becoming professional if he played off a 4 handicap at 15 years old?

Yes, they would have a real chance. Just have to keep playing and practicing.

If your a 12 year old of 5 handicap is that good?

Yes, that is very very very good. If you keep practicing and get the right coaching you could be a very low amateur or even a professional when you are older.