Is 123 to fat to be a gymnast?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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There is a girl on my gymnastics team who is about that and she's O.K.

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Q: Is 123 to fat to be a gymnast?
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How much body fat can you have to be a gymnast?

I have no clue

Is 123 pounds and 5'5 inches fat?


How do you call a person who do gymnastics?

hi everyone, A human that does gymnastics is called a gymnast.

You are 123 pounds 5 foot 1 and 12 years old are you fat?

If you are 123 pounds 5 foot 1 and 12 years old you are not considered overweight or fat, actually this is the average weight for a 12 years old.

Are you fat you weigh 123 pounds you are 13 you have no muscle you are 5 feet 0 inches and your belly is 33 inches When you sit you have 6 fat rolls?

nobody cares.

How do you use gymnast in a sentence?

See the gymnast soar through the air. A gymnast is someone who preforms gymnastics.

How many elite gymnast are in china?

about 500 gymnast

If a 12 years old girl's height is 5'7 and her weight is 123 lbs is she fat?

In my opinion, I think she's NOT fat! If the girl has more questions, she should check with her pediatrician.

How do you become an elite gymnast?

Becoming an elite gymnast is usually the result of being a competitive gymnast for several years. It takes a lot of practice. As an elite gymnast, you are the best. You sacrifice all other things in your life for practicing gymnastics. It is not something you can just wake up and say, "I want to be an elite gymnast". You first have to be a gymnast, then a competitive gymnast, then an elite. Usually the elite gymnasts do not choose to be an elite gymnast, but the coaches choose them to be an elite.

Is Emily kmetko a real gymnast?

no she is not a real gymnast she was a dancer.

Is Kayla a great gymnast?

yes, kayla is a great gymnast. people who are named kayla are a great gymnast, sporty, strong, and brave

How did Yang Wei become a gymnast?

She worked hard, that is how she became a gymnast