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Q: In what year did Bob Haro invent the first bmx bike?
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What year is the haro bike intro lite low-low?

came out 2008, but named haro intro lite low low 2009

When did William Keeney and Jeff Wilkson invent the first dirt bike?

I have no idea!maby in the year 1881

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What year was the free style bmx bike made?

In 1982 Haro bicycle company introduced the Haro "Freestyler" which evolved to the Haro "Master" in 1984. Soon after other bike manufacturers were building freestyle bikes. Including the "World Tour" made by GT bicycles in 1984, the Kuwahara "Exhibitionist" 1984, the Hutch "Trick Star" in 1984, Redline "RL-20II" in 1985, Dyno "Compe" in 1985, Skyway "Street Beat" in 1986, Mongoose "Decade" in 1987. Hope that helps.

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4000 BC

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