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Q: In what game can you score a hole in one?
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What in golf describes a score of one par on a particular hole?

Par for the hole.

Is eagle the highest score in golf?

no you couldr get a hole in one

How does one score points in the game frisbee golf?

One can score points in the game Frisbee Golf in the same way as regular golf. The aim is to complete the course in as few throws as possible. If one completes a hole in one less throw than par they score -1, if they take one more throw than par it is +1 etc. The game is usually called Disc Golf.

What score does a bird get you in golf?

A "birdie" is not a specific score, it's one under whatever par for the hole is. If it's a par 3 hole, then a birdie is 2; if it's a par 5 hole, a birdie is 4.

What does birdie mean in golf?

A birdie is one stroke under par on a given hole.

What is net strokes in golf?

For a round of golf, the net score for a player is their gross score minus their handicap. The net score for one hole is the gross for the hole, minus the strokes allowed for the hole. The stroke index for the hole and the players handicap is used to determine how many strokes you get, and on which holes.

How do you score a hat trick?

its when you score 3 goals in one game.

What is birdle used in golf?

A birdie is a golf score. Each hole has a par score. If you do it in one less it is called a birdie.

GOLF-Name the youngest Indian to score hole-in-one?

Aditya singh

Hole in one in par 4?

Believe it or not, hole in ones on par fours are quite common. Par fours start at around 260 yards or so, so this is is range for many golfers.

How many points for a hole in one?

It depends how many strokes you take ! Each hole is assigned a 'Par' - that is the number of strokes you are expected to take from the tee to sinking the ball in the hole. If you sink the ball with the same number of strokes as the Par, you score zero. If you sink the ball with less strokes, you score a negative value, and if you take more shots than Par, you score a positive.For example - if a hole is a 'Par 5' - that means you're likely to take five shots from the tee, to sinking the ball in the hole. If you take four shots, you score minus 1 (-1) - commonly called a birdie. If you take six shots, you score plus 1 (+1) - a bogey.The winner is the player with the lowest score at the end of the 18-hole game.

What is two person best ball?

Two person best ball is a very fun, simple game. basically, you have teams of two and you both play the hole out and whoever has the lower score on the hole had the "best ball" and that is what goes on the score card.