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Q: If a man could jump like a grasshopper how high could he jump?
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I can high jump 4'2'' but I would like to know if there are any drills or anything that could help me improve my height. How can I improve my high jump height?


What insect can jump far?

When body length is considered, fleas can jump the furthest. Fleas can jump 200 times their body length. This would be like a person being able to jump over a 70 story building. Other great jumpers are bharals, hares, red kangaroos, and grasshoppers.

Does the weight of the skateboard matters how high it jumps?

It depends on how high you can ollie. And if ur fat you don't go very high with a heavy board. but if your skinny like me you could jump pretty high.

How can you improve your high jump?

To improve your high jump you need to do things like jumping up in the air from a standstill and also practise short sprints another good thing for high jump is to actually do long jump as well.

What is the function of a grasshopper's heart?

The function of a grasshopper's heart is to circulate blood throughout the body. Without the heart, the grasshopper could not survive.

How do you jump very high on poptropica?

You click to jump and then in the middle of the jump, you click again. But usually if you have to go somewhere high, you should find something like a stool.

What behavioral adaptations does a grasshopper have?

The grasshopper has long hind legs that allow the grasshopper to jump long distances. This helps the grasshopper to avoid predators.

Is an grasshopper autotrophic?

No. Like all animals a grasshopper is heterotrophic.

What is the function of the hind wing in the grasshopper?

A grasshoppers fore wings are not used for flight. The hind wings of a grasshopper are used for flight, as well as to attract a mate.

What is the name of a big bug that has the body of a grasshopper but not the legs of a grasshopper and big wings and very detailed wings and a stinger at the end of the body?

It sounds like a spider wasp but I could be wrong?

If you regularly like to jump out of an aeroplane at high altitudes you are a?

sky diver

What is the difference between the cockroach and the grasshopper?

the difference of this is that the cockroach has a wing and can fly while the grasshopper does'nt have a wing but it can jump high. Grasshoppers are found in the grass & the cockroaches are found in a dirty places.