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That's 24 MPH, or 38 KMH which is a respectable pace. However, road cycling is mainly about endurance, so it'd be more relevant to know what pace you can maintain over one hour or so instead.

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Q: If I can ride 1.2 miles in 3 min. is that a good pace for road cycling?
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If I can ride 1.5 miles in 4 min is that a good pace for road cycling?

1.5m in 4min =36km/hr which is about the average speed of a bike race (at the lowest amateur level) for about 2hrs or so. Nothing special, but its good for you ;-D

If you can ride 1.2 miles in 2 min is that a good pace for road cycling?

1.2 miles in 2 minutes would equal 36 MPH, or 58 km/h. On flat ground and no significant wind that's a very decent sprint speed. But most disciplines of cycling are more about endurance than sprinting, so unless you go for track cycling what speed you can maintain for a longer duration is more important. Somewhere around 25 MPH would be a more reasonable pace for a longer training run.

What time will it take for a cyclist to ride 45 miles if he is cycling at a rate of 15 miles per hour?

Time = Distance/Speed = 45m/15mph = 3 hours.

Is it easy to ride a cycling bike?


Rules of cycling?

You need a helmet need to know how to ride a bike and carry a puncture repair kit with you at all times :)

How do you beat cycling road Pokemon platinum?

fight and ride!

Fat very unfit high blood pressure would like to enjoy cycling?

Start slow and gradually build up your endurance by cycling at a comfortable pace for shorter distances. Consult with a doctor or fitness professional to ensure you are cycling safely with high blood pressure. Consider low-impact cycling options like using a stationary bike or cycling on flat terrain to reduce strain on your body.

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What is cycling mountain biking?

It is a sport were you ride down a mountain and take jumps on a bike.

Where is venue for cycling?

anywhere you can ride a bike, public roads, mountain biking trails in Forrest parks ect, but venue to me suggests you want to know about a velodrome which is the 'venue' for track cycling meets. contact a local cycling club to find your nearest one, and ideas on good places to ride (cycle) outdoors. The oval shaped track commonly used for time trials is called a "Velodrome". This is a wooden track where a track cyclist would ride. The bikes used are usually made of carbon fibre, have no brakes and are fixed wheel (you cannot freewheel). If you are into cycling, it is a great alternative to your usual road session, although a little daunting at first!!

How do you treat pinch nerve while cycling if sitting on the nerve?

While cycling there isn't much you can do, apart from doing as much as possible of the ride standing, out of the saddle.

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i dont feel good and i have to go on a car ride for 47 miles what do i do