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I'v been sweeping tennis courts for about 5 years now.

Start at the top corner, and sweep the short distance between the two lines that run parallel towards the net. Then sweep the line farthest to the left all the way down, then the one to the right of it all the way back up. Then get the baseline, and then repeat what you did on the left side, all the way down then back up. after that, ull have to walk to the T, sweep half of it then get the bottom part of the T. Then walk back and finish the top of the T.

If you have the other side to do, start with the line farthest to the right, and sweep from the net to the baseline. Then skip the line that runs parallel to it, and sweep the entire baseline. Then get the two lines running parallel, as before (to the net then away from the net). Then walk to the T, and sweep it the same way (half of the top of the T, down, then finish the T). After this, walk to the baseline and finish the line you missed.

If on the other hand you are sweeping the lines at the same time the court is being swept, everything changes.

Hope this helps.

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Q: How to sweep the lines of a clay tennis court in the most efficient way that is total distance traveled wise?
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