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The Comrades Marathon is a 87km race set in Durban, South Africa. The entry fee is R500 and all qualifying racers must comply with ASA rules and technical standards.

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Q: How to attend the Comrades marathon?
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Who founded the comrades marathon?

The Comrades Marathon was founded by Vic Clapham.

How can one participate at the Comrades marathon?

One can participate at the Comrades marathon by simply going on to the Comrades maraton website and submitting an online entry. It is as simple as that.

How is the Comrades Marathon different than the Boston Marathon?

The Comrades Marathon is a much longer and more difficult course than the Boston Marathon. Comrades has more cumulative elevation change than the comparatively flat Boston course (by far), and it traverses 55.9 miles through South Africa, as compared to the 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon. In short, it is longer and harder.

Who is known as the comrades marathon king?

Bruce Fordice

Who won 1994 comrades marathon?

Alberto Salazar

Does the comrades marathon stay the same each year?


What year had a woman won unofficially the Comrades marathon?


Who's the male winner of Comrades marathon 2009?

Stephen Muzhingi from Zimbabwe.

Why did the comrades marathon begin in the first place?

cause you only live once

How many times has Bruce Fordyce won the Comrades marathon?

Nine times

How long is the comrades marathon?

The Comrades Marathon is held in either May or June and is run from Durban to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. It was established in 1921. Runners have 12 hours to complete the 56 mile race.

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