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7 feet 36 inches

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Q: How tall is John Daly the golfer?
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How tall is John Daly Project?

John Daly Project is 5' 6".

What is John Dalys net worth?

John Daly is an American professional golfer. As of July 2014, John Daly's net worth is $1 million. He lost a lot of earnings through gambling.

The fattest golfer ever?

John Daly, a professional golfer known for his unconventional style and larger physique, has been referred to as one of the fattest golfers in the sport. Despite his weight, Daly has had a successful career with multiple PGA Tour wins and a strong following of fans.

How tall is john daly?

6FT 4!!!!!

What was golfer john daly's favorite golf movie that is mentioned in his autobiography?

Pure Dead Centre,,, I saw it onIrish TV in the 80s ,I think thats the title.

What is the birth name of John Daly Project?

John Daly Project's birth name is John Francis Daly.

When was John Cady - golfer - born?

John Cady - golfer - was born in 1866.

When did John Cady - golfer - die?

John Cady - golfer - died in 1933.

When was John Fallon - golfer - born?

John Fallon - golfer - was born in 1913.

How tall is Candice Daly?

Candice Daly is 5' 8".

When was John Daly born?

John Daly was born on February 20, 1914.

What is John Daly's birthday?

John Daly was born on February 20, 1914.