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They would be extra stiff flex.

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Q: How stiff is the x100 true temper iron shafts?
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Does Dustin Johnson have graphite shafts on his irons?

no, like almost every porfessional golfer he has steel shafts. the exact model is true temper dynamic gold probably X100 (extra stiff)

What companies sell uniflex steel golf shafts?

True Temper sells a uniflex steel shaft. This flex is soft, like a regular shaft but is supposed to be as stable as a stiff shaft and helps to increase the trajectory of the ball. Callaway and Nike have options for purchasing clubs with True Temper Uniflex Shafts.

What is the difference between regular steel and rifle shafts in golf?

Hey The difference between the two is the flex point of the shaft. The Rife shafts generally are for better golfers. The rifles have mid to mid-high flex points. Shafts like True Temper have all the points(low, med, high). The Rifle shafts are more personalised where as the others cover a larger range of golfers needs. In my oppinion, unless you are seriousey crazy about golf, save a little money and stay with True Temper. They make great shafts and there isn't that much of a difference to lower scores considerably. Rifle shafts are simply a brand, that's it. You have Ford and GM, each different, each just as good as the other, each has expensive models, each has chearer models. Rifle shafts come in all flexes and varying flex points, True Temper comes in all flexes and varying flex points. True temper shafts are what called a step steel, they have gradual steps in the shaft diameter as it goes up to the grip, rifle shafts have a smooth diameter change in the shaft as it goes up. True Temper calls there various flexes R, S, or X as in R-100, S-100, X-100, Rifle has there flexes as a numbered figure, such as; 5.0 (regular stiffness), 6.0 (stiff), or 7.0 (x-stiff).

What is the difference between uniflex and regular shafts?

1. Not sure2. From Ebay buying guide flex vs. uniflexConsider shaft flex (the amount of bend in a shaft) when you shop. Beginners will want more flex than experienced golfersA: Geared toward seniors.Regular: Designed for average players with a 75 to 90mph swing speed.Stiff/ Firm/ Extra stiff: Designed for people with a swing speed between 90 to 110mph.Uniflex: Varying flex to fit most swing speeds.

What is True Temper pro fit Golf Shaft?

It is simply a type of steel golf shaft. Before the project x shafts came out, the True Temper dynamic gold was probably the most popular shaft on the market. If you buy a wedge the likelihood is it will have a TT dynamic gold in it.

What manufacturer makes callaway's stock golf shafts?

True Temper makes their steel shafts now, called Uniflex. Previously they were made by Royal Precision and were called Constant Weight Series. One shaft is stepped and the other stepless.

Taylor made golf club are made where?

California. The shafts and club heads are manufactured in China and then are assembled in the U.S. Ping makes their club heads here. Titlelist makes their putters here. True Temper makes most of their shafts here in the US as does Penley.

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