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around $3.50 or more. depends on where you go. AMF houses cost more then privately owned

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Q: How much is rental shoes at a bowling alley?
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How much does it cost to build a 4 lain bowling alley?

bowlling alley

How much space do you need for a bowling alley at home?

A lot

How much is it for 2 13 year olds to go bowling at seaway lanes Watertown ny?

It depends on the time and day bowled and if they need rental shoes.

How much do you get paid waitressing at a bowling alley?

Minimum wage + tips

How much does it cost to build a thirty six lane bowling alley?

It would cost about 165,000 dollars per lane for the land, building and equipment. An additional 50,000 dollars per lane for balls, bowling pins, retrieval equipment. and shoes would be added.

How much would it cost to modernize a 4 lane bowling alley?

a freakin lot

How much is a bowling lane?

amf has the answer. I don't. I was hoping to find that answer from AMF.

How much are bowling shoe rentals?

Most bowling alleys will let you rent their bowling shoes for free along with the game(s) you are paying for.

How much does one game and a pair of bowling shoes cost at brunswick zone?

around $4 for each game a $3 for shoes. Depending on whether or not its laser bowling or not. For $1.49 a game you can go to the website and sign up to get coupons every week

How much would it cost to supply meals and refreshments in a bowling alley?

The pricing will depend on the bowling center, type of meal and refreshments, length of time, etc.

How much does it cost to bowl?

The price of bowling will vary depending on the center, day, time and if bowling shoes are needed for renting.

How much does it cost for a pair of Saucony's now?

I have been unable to find any bowling type gym shoes from Saucony. However, you can find these bowling type gym shoes from Dexter online at